nextaro®v - the ventilated reconstitution of lyophilized active ingredients

What challenge is solved by nextaro®v?

During the manufacturing process (freeze-drying) of lyophilisates, a negative pressure is created in the medication vial. This negative pressure draws the solvent, e.g., WFI (water for injection), into the medication vial during reconstitution. However, there are also medications that require different process conditions during lyophilization, so that only a slight negative pressure is created in the active ingredient vial. Here, the currently common mixing and transfer systems often reach their limits, and there is no complete transfer of the solvent into the lyophilisate. The consequence is improper reconstitution, which can lead to quality losses, or even making the valuable active ingredient solutions unusable. Another challenge in the development of the product was the delicate construction of the plastic spike located in the housing for piercing the stopper. The few ventilated systems currently available often have massively designed plastic spikes, which often lead to abrasion when piercing the stopper (coring) or push it into the vial completely.


How does nextaro®v solve this challenge?

A specially developed and patented spike design on the water side of the transfer device allows ventilation during reconstitution. This allows a complete transfer of the solvent into the medication vial. During the development of the particularly slim spike geometry, great attention was paid to stability, the optimization of puncture forces, and the avoidance of punching effects from the vial stopper.


Your advantages when using nextaro®v:

  • Reconstitution despite low negative pressure in the medication vial
  • Up to two separate filters can be integrated
  • The special spike geometry minimizes the pushing of the stopper into the vial
  • Abrasion and coring out of the stopper are minimized

Avoid quality losses and increase user safety with nextaro®v.

Use the new quality standard of medication reconstitution. Discover how nextaro®v can improve and make your reconstitution processes safer. Contact us for further information or a personal product presentation.

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