In this blog you will regularly receive information about the product group nextaro®. The focus is on the reconstitution of lyophilized drugs, the problems and our solutions. In addition, special requirements of users and operators are also considered. We wish you much satisfaction and interest in exploring the nextaro® product group.

What is the role of lyophilizates in COV-19 logistics?

The current Covid-19 pandemic poses great challenges for the world. The situation should be controllable with global vaccination programs, but it will require an enormous logistic effort in terms of transport, storage and administration of the vaccines. How can freeze-dried vaccines simplify these…

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Which active ingredients are lyophilized?

Freeze-drying (lyophilization) is one of the most important pharmaceutical processes. It ensures the shelf life and storability of sensitive drugs. In which areas are freeze-dried active ingredients preferred and which medication groups are suitable for this process?

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Advantages and applications of lyophilized medications

Freeze-drying has proven to be effective for preservation in the manufacture of sensitive biopharmaceutical products. The requirements of this complex process are high. Lyophilized active ingredients have several advantages. What are they, and what factors need to be considered during…

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Evolution of transfer systems

Reconstitution systems for lyophilized active ingredients are now an integral part of everyday clinical practice and home care. Handling and security are continuously improved by their ongoing development. The nextaro® premium transfer system satisfies the strictest requirements.

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Adjustable transfer rate during reconstitution

Successful reconstitution of lyophilized medications depends crucially on the properties of the active substance as well as the solvent. That's why transfer systems are available with parameters that can be individually adapted. The nextaro® premium transfer system can be tailored to your specific…

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