More Benefits and User-Friendliness – The Foundation of nextaro®

How can a mixing and transfer device offer users more benefits and enhance usability through optimized user-friendliness? These were the questions we thoroughly considered when embarking on the development of the nextaro® product family. The results of our efforts had already convinced us for quite some time, and positive feedback from the market now confirms the advantages of nextaro®.


Source: Octapharma Comparative Study


Octapharma, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies specializing in the development, production, and distribution of drugs for treating various blood coagulation disorders, conducted a comparative study. The aim was to compare the user-friendliness and design of nextaro® with the existing Mix2Vial system. Both systems were evaluated for the reconstitution of coagulation factor products, among others, a four-Factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrate (Octaplex®/Balfaxar®). With positive results! The study revealed a 40% higher preference among users for the new nextaro® compared to the previous transfer system. The following factors were specifically compared:

  • Design of the device
  • Force to connect water vial to device
  • Engagement of the vial (acoustic feedback)
  • Completeness of water transfer
  • Completeness of dissolution
  • Foam formation
  • Transfer speed
  • Adaptation of the syringe
  • Transfer of product into syringe
  • Extraction force for syringe filling
  • Overall handling

Source: Octapharma Comparative Study


The study results were presented at the 18th World Congress of Anesthesiology in Singapore (#WCA2024). You can find more information on the study publication at

We take pride in supporting Octapharma’s life-saving and high-value medications through our nextaro® product family during their application. Our longstanding partnership has led to significant advancements, and we remain committed to excellence. With a focus on people’s health and quality of life, Octapharma combines its high-quality medications with the transfer devices they deserve!

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