nextaro®- Robust design for a safe application

Whether in regular application or in special cases: the reconstitution of lyophilized drugs should be intuitive and involve as few risks as possible. The premium adapter nextaro® meets these requirements thanks to its robust design.

Safety: the key concern in the reconstitution process

The reconstitution of lyophilized substances should be equally simple and safe for a wide spectrum of users. This is because besides medical staff, chronically ill patients often have to reconstitute drugs as well. The various stages of reconstitution, i.e.

  • the piercing of the solvent vial septum,
  • the transfer of the liquid into the vial with the lyophilisate and
  • the aspiration of the active ingredient solution for administration,

should be carried out by the user, as quickly and safely as possible. This particularly applies under difficult conditions such as in hectic situations in everyday clinical practice.

Frequently used transfer systems such as the syringe with cannula or needle-free adapters can involve risks or difficulties with reconstitution. Examples include

  • an increasedrisk of injury for the user caused by the cannula or unprotected spikes,
  • an instability of the adapter, which can arise due to kinking or bending of the individual components during use,
  • the danger of a contamination of the active ingredient solution caused by contact with adapter components during complicated handling.

In using these transfer systems extreme caution is therefore always needed in order to complete the reconstitution safely and successfully.

nextaro® – stable, safe and intuitive to use

The premium adapter nextaro® is distinguished from other needle-free adapters due to its carefully thought out design that ensures straightforward and safe reconstitution. The spikes are surrounded by a robust housing, which protects the user from injuries and reduces the risk of active ingredient contamination due to inadvertent contact with the spikes. The stable housing simultaneously provides optimum centering of the adapter on the vial and excellent haptics.

Therefore the premium adapter nextaro® is the optimum transfer system for simple, successful and low-risk reconstitution – and its features comply with the recommendations of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on the subject of “good reconstitution practices in health care establishments”.1, 2


  1. Resolution CM/Res(2016)2 on good reconstitution practices in health care establishments for medicinal products for parenteral use. Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 1 June 2016 at the 1258th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies. Verfügbar unter (abgerufen am 22.07.2020).

  2. European Society of Hospital Pharmaceutical Technologies (GERPAC). European Resolution on good reconstitution practices - improving patient safety by risk control of parenterals (injectable medicines). Verfügbar unter: (abgerufen am 22.07.2020).

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