nextaro® - Precentred Transfer System prevents misaligned vial connection

Transfer systems for the reconstitution of lyophilized substances often require skill to use. The premium adapter nextaro® has a unique design that makes handling easier, thus ensuring that reconstitution is safe and successful.

The transfer system as anchor point

The key point in the process of reconstitution is the transfer of the solvent into the vial containing the lyophilized substance. This is where the transfer system plays a central role. If it is inconvenient and complicated to use, there is a high risk of the reconstitution being unsuccessful. At worst it has to be attempted again and valuable active ingredient discarded.

The unique feature: the housing

For reconstitution to be successful and safe the spikes must be centred and completely puncture the septum of the vials. At the same time the transfer system should be stable enough to not bend or break.

The premium adapter nextaro® meets these requirements due to its unique design. A significant factor in the comfort of use is the stable housing, which surrounds the spikes like a protective shield and thus reduces the risk of injury. In addition, the housing ensures that the adapter is guided to the upright position if it is initially connected at an excessively flat angle. Thus, with the premium adapter nextaro® it is practically impossible for the user to do anything wrong. The stability of the housing and the spikes has been confirmed by special tests in the testing laboratory.

nextaro® indicates the correct sequence

Connection of the different vials with the transfer system in the correct sequence has also been well thought out with nextaro®. An intelligent packaging solution initially determines the sequence. In addition, markings on the transfer system show to which vial each side must be connected: white drops on a blue background indicate the connection with the solvent, a white background indicates the subsequent connection with the vial containing the lyophilisate.

All these features make the premium adapter nextaro® a unique transfer system that combines safety, stability and comfort of use. It is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications and situations.

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