nextaro® - designed to minimize residual liquid

Leaving residual liquid when performing reconstitution is expensive

Two steps are involved in the reconstitution and administration of lyophilized medicinal products that involve the transfer of liquids:

  1. Withdrawing solvent from the first vial, and
  2. Withdrawing the dissolved lyophilizate from the second vial

In both steps, a significant amount of residual liquid can remain, depending on the transfer system. This has several undesirable results:

  1. The solution of the active ingredient does not have the intended concentration or volume, because the ingredient was mixed with too little solvent.
  2. The patient does not receive the required dose of the active ingredient. The concentration and amount of drug administered may both be insufficient. This can have a negative effect on the treatment’s success.

To prevent this, it is common practice to add more of the solvent and active ingredient. However, this procedure can lead to enormous additional expenses in the manufacture of the preparation, depending on the cost of the active ingredient. Minimizing the residual volume can therefore help to reduce costs, particularly with expensive active ingredients such as those used in treating cancer, hemophilia or stroke.

Reduce the residual volume - with nextaro®

The problem of residual liquid was already considered in the initial design of the nextaro® premium adapter. It has a minimized dead volume, which keeps the residual volume in the transfer system as low as possible.

We also offer our nextaro® customers the service of examining in detail the interaction between the active ingredient's viscosity, the transfer system and the vial structure. The knowledge gained from a gravimetric analysis is used to optimize the residual volume in discussions with the customer.

With the nextaro® premium adapter, sfm medical devices GmbH can help you to ensure correct dosing and effective handling while reducing drug manufacturing costs.

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