nextaro - Smart design for intuitive reconstitution

Many transfer systems for reconstituting lyophilized active ingredients are complicated, unsafe and cumbersome to use. With its well thought-out overall concept, the nextaro® premium adapter facilitates intuitive use and is suitable for a wide range of users – from home-care patients to specialist staff.

Successful reconstitution depends in equal parts on the convenience of the transfer system and on the skill of the user. The nextaro® premium adapter is carefully designed to take both aspects into account and ensures safe and intuitive reconstitution.

Clear labelling – safe reconstitution

The nextaro® premium adapter supports the user in carrying out the correct procedure – and reduces the risk of incorrect use. Special markings are already visible through the blister packaging and show the user which side of the nextaro® needs to be connected to which vial:

  • The side that has to be connected to the solvent vial is marked in blue with white water droplets.
  • The side to be applied to the vial of lyophilisate is white with knobs.

Cleverly packaged – intuitive use

The packaging of the premium adapter contributes to its user-friendliness:

  • When the blister pack is opened, the blue side of the nextaro® is exposed – i.e. the side that needs to be connected to the solvent vial.
  • The user can put the transfer system straight onto the solvent vial without needing to remove the packaging first. The packaging protects against contamination and minimizes the risk of injury.
  • If the nextaro® is connected to the solvent vial, the blister packaging is removed completely and the side of the transfer system marked in white is connected to the active ingredient vial.

Suitable for a wide range of users

The comfortable feel and robust design of the housing ensure safe and easy handling.

The intelligent overall concept of labeling, packaging and design makes the nextaro® premium adapter a safe and intuitive transfer system that is suitable for a wide variety of users and medical situations.

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nextaro® is manufactured and distributed by:
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