In this blog you will regularly receive information about the product group nextaro®. The focus is on the reconstitution of lyophilized drugs, the problems and our solutions. In addition, special requirements of users and operators are also considered. We wish you much satisfaction and interest in exploring the nextaro® product group.

Low penetration forces - easy and safe to use

Reconstitution of lyophilized active ingredients should be as easy as possible. This depends on the forces applied when the transfer system pierces the septum. The design of the nextaro® premium transfer system makes piercing easy.

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nextaro® is designed to prevent broken vacuum

The vacuum in an active ingredient vial plays an important role when reconstituting lyophilisates: In non-ventilated transfer systems, the negative pressure ensures that the solvent is completely transferred. If the vacuum is lost due to a faulty connection, the reconstitution will fail partly or…

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nextaro - Smart design for intuitive reconstitution

Many transfer systems for reconstituting lyophilized active ingredients are complicated, unsafe and cumbersome to use. With its well thought-out overall concept, the nextaro® premium adapter facilitates intuitive use and is suitable for a wide range of users – from home-care patients to specialist…

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nextaro® - designed to minimize residual liquid

Residual liquid in the transfer system can hardly be avoided when reconstituting lyophilized drugs. However, the special design of the nextaro® premium adapter helps to minimize the volume of residual liquid. This ensures correct dosage and helps to reduce the cost of the application.

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nextaro® - Precentred Transfer System prevents misaligned vial connection

Transfer systems for the reconstitution of lyophilized substances often require skill to use. The premium adapter nextaro® has a unique design that makes handling easier, thus ensuring that reconstitution is safe and successful.

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